verse works with artists creating an environment that enables them to focus on the development of their art.

We guide and support the creative vision, while keeping an eye on the reality of production costs, logistics, communication with galleries and timelines.


Backed by several years of experience, our expertise covers a large spectrum: from project management to coordination with galleries and institutions, from artwork production and team management.

Veronica Lugaro holds a BA in Cultural Heritage and a vast experience as production manager. She has worked many years as head of production at Studio Tomás Saraceno .

Serena Rota holds an MA in History of Art and has a long-standing experience collaborating with artists. In the past she has worked as studio manager for the collective Slavs and Tatars.

Ongoing and past collaborations of verse include:

Alvaro Urbano

Katja Novitskova

Pauline Curnier Jardin

Petrit Halilaj

Robin Rhode

Saverio Cantoni

What we do

Project Management

Artwork Production

Budget Control

Communication with Galleries & Institutions

Concept development

Art Handling & Logistics



Artists in need of a studio manager but not yet ready to establish a fully-running studio.

Artists needing specific guidance and support on a particularly complex production or project, especially in case of an overworked studio.


We support overloaded galleries following up on any production issues their represented artists might encounter. We provide cost control/optimisation on particularly complex or long projects.